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How to make a Bonsai tree


Growing a bonsai  it’s not only about gardening. It also has a great activity for relaxing purposes. We will tells you how to make a Bonsai tree.!

Growing bonsai trees from seed can be beneficial because you may want to start from scratch, see the beauty of your bonsai tree while it grows, and ensure it is free from disease and pests.

Lets Started How to make a Bonsai tree .

Pot Or a Container

First you need a pot or a container on where you want to grow your bonsai plant

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These glazed pots are perfect starter pots that can beautifully hold your cactus, succulent, seedling or bonsai. They make pleasant beautiful things to show as adornments or focal points on your windows or tables. Made of fantastic material, every one is painstakingly formed and heated in high temperature from top quality dirt; Footed with waste openings. Unquestionably an appealing thing that your home needs today!

Tree Selection

There Are a lots of Bonsai trees 

Bonsai can be created from nearly any perennial woody-stemmed tree or shrub species that produces true branches.Some best trees for Bonsai Are as follow.

  • Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) is chosen for bonsai primarily due to its lobed leaves, color, and its adaptability to become a bonsai.

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  • Bodhi tree

The bodhi is a tough plant that grows fast and forms roots. It has attractive shiny heart-shaped foliage that appears in bronze color, which later turns into glossy green as the leaves mature.

  • Cotoneaster horizontalis

It is a deciduous shrub that is suitable for bonsai culture because of its forgiving nature (very suitable for beginners), it looks great due to its long-lasting color, grows best in temperate regions.

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Common Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

This tall stately tree becomes large to medium sized bonsai specimen and best presented in the style of an upright plant. Young shoots can be easily formed and the leaves in autumn turn to golden yellow color.

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  • Ficus Retusa

It is probably one of the most attractive trees among the tropical bonsai growers. Easy to style, resistant to negligence and mistakes and probably the best plant for both beginners and advanced level bonsai growers.

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  • Adenium

Thick bulbous trunk, vibrant blooms, and glossy foliage makes the Adenium an ideal tree for bonsai.

Azalea and many more other trees you can select which one you like.


The seeds used to grow Bonsai trees are the very same ones used for normal can collect these from trees in your surroundings or you can choose to buy them in an Amazon.

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the difference between Bonsai and ordinary trees is due to the way they are treated once they germinate.

Prepare the Soil

The most effective method to get ready soil and how to make a Bonsai tree?.For Bonsai tree soil execution is exceptionally important.The previous requires soil segments that have great water retention limit, while an ever green bonsai can endure permeable, all around depleted soil. The dirt conditions suitable for the specific bonsai tree,Kind of pot utilized in planting the bonsai. you can choose plastic, wooden, fired and earth pots.Size of the bonsai, which more often than not extends from 3 feet stature to 6 inches.Your topographical area, or exactly, the predominant climatic conditions.

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  • Challenge for Cultivators

One fact about tree seeds is that they’re perfectly tuned to their environment where they were grown for many generations. It is a good thing and also a bad thing! If you’re going to grow trees living in a climate in winter, the tree seeds are also programmed to live through this very cold period, so they become dormant. They need to undergo the dormancy, otherwise, they won’t sprout. It only means that you need to mimic the cold season for the tree seed through stratification.

 This Video helps you and show. How to make a Bonsai Tree

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