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Growing Lemon tree from Seeds


Growing a lemon tree from seeds is surprisingly straightforward, and something that anybody can do on the off chance that they have a warm, radiant windowsill. It will take a couple of years to before it products of the soil.Lets started we tell you how to grow lemon at home

Soil Prepration for Growing lemon tree

First of all you need to prepare the soil where you want to growing lemon tree. Lemons are more cold-sensitive than all other citrus trees. Preparing your soil before you plant will greatly improve your plant’s performance and promote healthy, vigorous growth.

growing lemon tree

Tools required for preparation of Soil.


Now the next step is to take the seeds for growing lemon tree.If you don’t have a seed then don’t worry about that you can buy it from store.and if you have a lemon in your house use can use it and take seeds and dry it for 2 weeks,Once they dry you can use it

growing lemon tree

Watering the plants

For growing lemon trees require deep watering once weekly. If necessary, pruning may be done to maintain their shape and height.You need to use watering Can if you don’t have a watering can you can buy it from Here

growing lemon tree

When you  choosing to grow from seeds, Allow them to dry out for a week or two. Once dried, plant the seeds about an inch deep in good potting soil and cover with clear plastic wrap. Set the pot in a sunny location and wait for it to reach 6 to 12 inches before transplanting outdoors or to another pot.


On the off chance that you are growing a lemon tree inside, it requires certain mugginess level to flourish, half is perfect. You can keep up stickiness by putting it on a rock plate, moistening or utilizing a humidifier.

Common Problems for growing tree on container

Lemon trees growing in containers are more susceptible to sucker branches. These are branches that grow from the scion or root stock of the plant Another issue with lemon trees in containers is that they are more vulnerable to cold and drought.

growing lemon tree

Care the lemon Tree

You need to care Lemon tree, Specially care is needed in harsh winters. Temperature below 30°F is vulnerable for the lemon tree, except ‘Meyer’ lemon variety that can tolerate some cold till 24°F.


Harvesting time depends on the type of variety you are growing and your weather conditions. The citrus fruits stop ripening once they are off the tree. To determine if the fruit is ripened, see if the fruit is heavy, soft and yellow.

growing lemon tree


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