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Best Ornamental Plants and Trees which Adds Beauty to your Garden


Garden in the home is the best and most favorite part of family members. Where they like to sit and talk. The area where they rejoice their souls. Everyone wants to make their garden beautiful. With the use of some wonderful ornamental plants, we can decorate a garden from simple to eye-catchy appearance. Plants main task is to add beauty to the garden.

There are some plants and trees which will best shape your garden are given below :

Kochia plant

kochia Scoparia ornamental plant is also said as fireweed and Kochia burning bush. Its flaming red and yellow color that plants taken on in autumn are soo charming that’s why it is named as an ornamental plant. It adds beauty to the garden.

When Kochia dries it becomes flammable. kochia ornamental plant survives in low water and reluctance to diseases and insects. It is easy to grow.

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Kochia Plant seeds
Kochia Plant seeds

Dogwoods Trees

Dogwood trees are immensely famous in all over the world with different varieties in Europe, America, and Japan. The best thing about the dogwood tree is that it is soo versatile it can be planted almost anywhere like home, large grounds, sidewalks.

Dogwood tree with its crumple branches and large four petals. It will surely be a great addition to your garden. They display a colorful floral show in the fall of spring.

dogwood the ornamental trees
dogwood the ornamental tree

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If you want to fill your garden with colors than planted Heuchera also known as coral bells. It produces red wine color leaves and flowers in spring to mid-summer. Which is fascinating for the bears the sunlight. But the leaves fade if exposed too much into the sun. It adds a worth seeing texture to your garden.


The poinsettia is also said as the Christmas flower. As it is of red and green combination mostly used in Christmas floral exhibitions. The poinsettia is also considered as an ornamental plant due to its vibrant appearance. Basically, it is a shrub and a small tree.

It reaches up to almost 0.6 to 4 meters in height. This is quite suitable as required darkness to change color and require light in the day for brightest colors. The colors include flaming red, orange, pale green and white.

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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea plant is a beautiful ornamental plant with flowers of pink, white and purple colors. Its fragrance is also soo charming in spring. You can grow this ornamental plant in the garden, gateway, and doorway. As it grows easily. Its height is up to 1 to 2 meters. They are high in demand in floral displays. They are also used in wedding decor.

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Sweet Pea seeds
Sweet Pea seeds


Sunflower is a yellow happy flower. Vibrant in color which is quite attractive and captivating. It is named as sunflower as its face is always towards the sun. It grows up to 10 ft. Sunflower leaves are broad, softly shine bright. This is considered as one of the best ornamental flowers and many people used nad considered it as compulsory. For more information can read the article Spring Flowers in 2019

sunflower the ornamental plant
sunflower the ornamental plant

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