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5 Tips for Tulip Flower Growth


Tulip Flower is one of the best and attractive flowers. Most of the people called the genus of spring-blooming. People acknowledge this plant by two names. The first one is Tulipa and the second one is the Tulip. Tulip flower is an ornamental flower. This tulip flower goes up to height 4 inches (10 cm) and 28 inches (71 cm) high. This flower is popular throughout the world. It has nearly every color of the rainbow and multiple tones of a single bloom.Mostly tulip have two blossoms.Tulip is present in many colors like red,pink,white and yellow.

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1-Best Month for Planting

  • Growing this plant in the during September or October in the north sight and November or December in the south sight.
  • Ready the garden bed with the help of gardening folk
  • Prepares the site for the planting of crops depth of 12 to 15 inches then mixes in a 2- to 4-inch fertilizes.
  • Now set your tulip bulbs and replacing soil
  • watering the bulbs after planting

2-Care in Rainy Season

If there is a rainy season don’t water but in dry season keep the plant hydrated.
In the spring season when leaves come up to prepare food for tulip feed your tulip for the same food, you use at planting time. The season is good for all people but not good for tulip so must care in the rainy season of this flower.


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3-Best water Timing

After growing a tulip bulb in a pot, water the pot so the top of the soil is slightly wet. During the winter, you can leave the pot outside, but the bulbs still need water. Check the soil to see if the top 1 inch is dry, about the length of the tip of your finger. If it is, add water to keep the soil moist, but not muddy, because tulip bulbs rot if they sit in too wet an environment. Once the tulip emerges, water whenever the top 1/2 inch when soil is dry.

4-Protection from Pests/Disease


  • After plucking the tulip flower place them in the refrigerator so that it keeps fresh you can use it later
  • Don’t purchase tulip bulbs in December as they are not goods seeding in this season.
  • Tulip wants sun but also want cool soil.
  • There are many diseases to lose your tulip flower, mostly fungal disease to affect your tulip.
  • Tulip disease problems are often treated by a thorough examination before planting.
  • Study each bulb carefully
  • looking for tell-tale dark or spongy spots and mold.
  • You can also observe rot by shoving the bulbs in water: rotten bulbs will float, while healthy bulbs will sink.

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5-Tips for Potted Tulip

There are five things which you can choose for growing tulip flower in the pot.

  • Pot with drip tray
  • Potting soil
  • Watering can
  • Plastic bag
  • Shear
  • choose the right pot for growing tulip. Including cold treatment, it takes around 14 weeks for potted tulips to flower, so put the plants 14 weeks before you want blooms.
  • Potted tulips don’t require fertilization, because the bulb contains all the nutrients the plants need for one flowering season.

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